Friday, December 17, 2010

Sammy's Christmas Spirit

Sammy's nickname is Charmer and it is so fitting. She is so full of fun and so happy!
This is Sammy with the first snow fall of the year. It snowed before Thanksgiving and it really put her in the Christmas spirit. Sammy is a Senior in High school and since this is her last Christmas as a child she has been determined to make the most of it. So prior to Thanksgiving our house was decked out for the holidays and Sammy began The Holiday Bucket List.

 This is her chart. She makes me laugh. Out load most of the time.
 I don't know what I would do without my Charmer. She is my sunshine.

 Yes she made a chain to count down the days until Christmas.

 She made amazing snowflake and hung them from the ceiling. Her room is magical. 
I love to go up and lay on her bed with her and enjoy the 
Christmas spirit and of course laugh at all the cleaver funny things she says.

 Her tree. She gathered photos from Christmas past and they were her ornaments. 
It was so fun to see how she has grown over the years and the fun memories.

 More snowflakes! Could that be friends on in the background? 
 More decorations. The photos don't do her room justice. It is quiet amazing!

 The first snow fall of the year. Sammy I am so grateful to you for your spirit and love that you bring to our home. Especially this year. Our family would be lost without your fun and Christmas spirit. You are one of a kind. I love you Charms. Merry Christmas and I hope that all your Holiday Bucket list wishes happen and that your last Christmas as a child is one to remember.

Here is Sammy's Holiday Bucket List

-Ginger Bread House Conteset
-Go on temple square date..( See the lights, get hot chocolate)
-Get a picture with santa
-Be a part of a sub for santa activity
-Make a christmas music playlist
-Play the white elephant game
-Host a christmas party
-Go sledding
-Go to soilders hallow
-Go see the play "The Best Christmas Pagent Ever"
-Do as much wrapping as possible!
- Decorate my room with paper snowflakes and lights!
- Watch ALL holiday movies!
-Make ALL holiday treats.
-Make gingerbread men
-Go on a drive to see all of the lights.. while listening to christmas music.
-Build a snowman and a snow fort
- Do the twelve days of christmas to somebody
-Do something nice for someone every day starting in november.( big or small)
- Write everything I am thankful for in my journal
-Watch all of the Thanksgiving/Christmas friends episodes
-Write grattitude letters to people who have helped me this year.
- Go and see a live nativity
- Do a christmas theme scavanger hunt!
-Go christmas shopping at the mall and get a pepermint ice storm!
- Go ice skating in an outdoor arena
-Go christmas caroling

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

 We had a great Thanksgiving. We were lucky and got to have grandma for the day.

 We had yummy food.

And people that made us laugh.

 I am grateful for my blessings and especially for my family. I love you all so so so much!

Kinsey is 20

 Happy Birthday Mckinsey. Can't believe your 20.
 Kinsey I love You Happy Birthday

 Yummy Olive Garden!
 Aaron and Kinsey
 Pops and Tyke and Kinsey
 Pops and Kinsey
 Kinsey & Kelton
 Present time!
 The Family

My Girls!! Love ya both so much.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Halloween 2010 Killing for the Crown

Sammy had a bucket list for Halloween and #1 on the list was to host a murder mystery party.
She let me help her and it was a lot of fun. We went way over board and it took a lot of time.
But we had a great time. I was so happy Sammy to help you mark something off your bucket list.
We decorated the entire main floor and made some yummy fun food.

We don't need no special cupcake bakery we did our own purple creations with a little bit of glamor. Sammy decorated most of the cupcakes and she did a great job.

We had colored candy sprinkled around. It added color and fun.

The dessert table!

Cheesecake! Beware!

 Sammy wanted Sparkling ciders. So we had to add a little Halloween fun to the bottles.

 We also had to have rasberry lemon water. A family favorite.

 Drink Station.

 The food table.

 We made some spooky glamorous centerpieces. They are branches in water which we added dry ice to so they were smoking and some sparkling ornaments. They turned out really cool. We had strands of lights around the table. It turned our really cool looking. The photos don't do it justice.

 Who did it?

Treat bags and to go containers so they could gather up some of the candy to go.

 We made some pom poms and had them hanging everywhere.

 Let the party begin. 

 Trying to figure out the clues.

 A murder took place.

 Who did it?

 The Beauty Contestants. Oh and inspector Joe!

 It was Miss Arizona with the poison filled tic tacs. Bad Miss Arizona (aka Sammy)

 The celebration began. Sparking cider makes girls silly.

 I promise it's Sparking Cider.

 The winners. Best Actess, Money Bags, Crime Solver and Best Dressed.

 I'm glad that you got to mark this party off your bucket list Sammy Charmer. I love you!